Newcastle Knights 2017 NYC squad

Tom Starling
Tom Starling

Mitch Andrews
Nash Birch
Jayden Butterfield
Dylan Clark
Mathew Croker
Kurtis Dark
Will Davies
Keanu Dawson
Lachlan Farr
Tavita Fesolai
Heath Gibbs
Kainoa Gudgeon
Zac Hosking
Tex Hoy
Jack Johns
Cameron King
Dean Kouka-Smith
Hayden Loughrey
Sam McIntyre
Brayden Musgrove
Brendan O’Hagan
Henry Penn
Viko Puliuvea
Josh Ralph
Pasami Saulo
Tom Starling
Eddy Tuilotolava

Coach: Todd Lowrie

*Players in bold played NYC in 2016

Gains: Mitch Andrews (Forbes Magpies), Dylan Clark (Raiders SG Ball), Mathew Croker, Kurtis Dark, Will Davies, Tex Hoy, Sam McIntyre, Brendan O’Hagan (Knights SG Ball), Keanu Dawson (Warriors NYC), Lachlan Farr (Blayney Bears), Tavita Fesolai (Bulldogs SG Ball), Jack Johns (Peninsula Seagulls), Hayden Loughrey (North Tamworth Bears), Josh Ralph (Titans NYC)

Losses: Jack Cogger, Cory Denniss, Brock Lamb, Nick Meaney, Braden Robson, Jacob Saifiti, Sam Stone (Knights NRL), Tyrone Amey (Maitland Pickers), Ken Tofilau (Central Qld Capras)

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