North Queensland Cowboys 2017 NYC squad

Hiale Slade-Roycroft (Photo: Scott Davies/NRL Photos)
Hiale Slade-Roycroft (Photo: Scott Davies/NRL Photos)

Jack Althaus
Brett Anderson
Jye Anderson
Nathan Barrett
Logan Bayliss-Brow
Jacob Bourke
Michael Carroll
Oscar Carter
Jake Clifford
Reuben Cotter
Duarne Dempsey
Mitch Dunn
Kaleb Fuimanono
Callum Gahan
Jack Glossop
Wiremu Greig
Peter Hola
Corey Horsburgh
Marshall Hudson
Tom Kenny
Ryan Lloyd
Jack Lote
Connor Luhan
Tazmon McRobbie
Sean Mullany
Cody Maughan
Sam Murphy
Kyle Paterson
Emry Pere
Hiale Roycroft
Bacho Salam
Enemarki Shibasaki
Jayden Stephens
Murray Taulagi
Nathan Traill
Enari Tuala
Solomon Vasuvulagi
Kurt Wiltshire

Coach: Aaron Payne

*Players in bold played NYC in 2016

Gains: Jack Althaus, Nathan Barrett, Oscar Carter, Tom Kenny, Enemarki Shibasaki, Jayden Stephens (Townsville MM Cup), Jye Anderson (Mackay MM Cup), Logan Bayliss-Brow (Central Crows MM Cup), Ryan Lloyd (Townsville Brothers), Connor Luhan (Sunshine Coast MM Cup), Tazmon McRobbie (Northern Pride MM Cup), Sam Murphy (CQ Capras MM Cup), Kyle Paterson (Norths Devils MM Cup), Wiremu Greig (Whangarei Boys High), Peter Hola (Auckland Vulcans), Sean Mullany (Akarana Falcons), Murray Taulagi (Brisbane State High School), Solomon Vasuvulagi (Southport Tigers)

Losses: Gideon Gela-Mosby, Coen Hess, Marcus Jensen, Kalyn Ponga (Cowboys NRL), Cooper Bambling, Nick Brown (Mackay Cutters), Ross Bella, Ty Carucci, Jordan Kenworthy, Tahanui Tutavake (Townsville Blackhawks), Nick Lui-Toso (Panthers NRL), Darryn Schonig (Northern Pride), Brandon Smith (Storm NRL)

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