Holden Cup games on Fox Sports in 2017

Kane Telea (Photo: www.photosport.nz)
Kane Telea (Photo: http://www.photosport.nz)

With the release of the Holden Cup draw earlier the week, we also got to find out which games would be televised on Fox Sports during the first 20 rounds.

A game will be televised each Saturday, with occasional games on Friday, Sunday and Monday.

The Warriors feature in the most games with 10, while Canberra and South Sydney will only feature once in the first 20 weeks.

Round Home   Away Date Time
1 St George Illawarra v Penrith Saturday, March 4 12:15pm
1 Warriors v Newcastle Sunday, March 5 9:45am
2 Warriors v Melbourne Friday, March 10 3:45pm
2 Newcastle v Gold Coast Saturday, March 11 10:45am
3 Newcastle v South Sydney Saturday, March 18 12:15pm
4 Manly v Canterbury Saturday, March 25 12:15pm
5 Cronulla v Newcastle Sunday, April 1 10:45am
5 Warriors v Gold Coast Sunday, April 2 9:45am
6 Manly v St George Illawarra Saturday, April 8 10:45am
6 Warriors v Parramatta Sunday, April 9 11:45am
7 Manly v Melbourne Saturday, April 15 10:45am
7 Parramatta v Wests Tigers Monday, April 17 1:45pm
8 Parramatta v Penrith Saturday, April 22 12:40pm
9 Gold Coast v Newcastle Saturday, Apri 29 12:40pm
9 Warriors v Sydney Roosters Sunday, April 30 11:45am
10 Penrith v Warriors Saturday, May 13 10:45am
10 Newcastle v Canberra Sunday, May 14 11:45am
11 Gold Coast v Manly Saturday, May 20 3:15pm
12 Warriors v Brisbane Saturday, May 27 1:15pm
13 St George Illawarra v Wests Tigers Saturday, June 3 12:40pm
14 Gold Coast v Warriors Saturday, June 10 12:40pm
14 Canterbury v St George Illawarra Monday, June 12 1:45pm
15 Melbourne v North Queensland Saturday, June 17 3:10pm
16 Warriors v Canterbury Friday, June 23 3:45pm
16 North Queensland v Penrith Saturday, June 24 12:40pm
17 Sydney Roosters v Cronulla Saturday, July 1 10:45am
17 Newcastle v Wests Tigers Sunday, July 2 11:45am
18 Penrith v Manly Saturday, July 8 1:15pm
19 Warriors v Penrith Friday, July 14 3:45pm
19 Newcastle v Brisbane Saturday, July 15 1:15pm
19 Manly v Wests Tigers Sunday, July 16 11:45am
20 Penrith v Gold Coast Saturday, July 22 10:45am
20 St George Illawarra v Manly Sunday, July 23 11:45am

Note – all times in AEST


2 thoughts on “Holden Cup games on Fox Sports in 2017

  1. Why can not all games be shown,especially now that there is a 24 hour nrl on foxtel. As a parent of a under 20 player it is extremley disappointing that there is no way to see my child play let alone sèe him play live. Yea we do travel to see him but we can not always go. There is a lot of parents that have thw same complaint and if was not for the network of parents communicating by phones giving updates it aould be even more knfuriating. Please consider showcasing the future of the game i know that even if you played tne games at midnight i certainly would be watching.

  2. We agree with you 100% Sandra.
    We live in NZ and our son plays for the Roosters…we obviously cannot attend his games.
    It would be great even if the games could be distributed more evenly among the teams.
    The WARRIORS and Newcastle are getting a lot of games??


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