QRL Junior Reps – Round 4 results

(Photo: Scott Davis/SMP Images)

FOGS U20s Cup – Round 4
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March 25 Victoria RL   36-16 CQ Capras   Casey Fields  
March 25 Wynnum Manly  12-14 Mackay BMD Kougari 
March 25 Ipswich 16-56 Sunshine Coast   North Ipswich
March 25 Burleigh 12-22 Souths Logan  Pizzey Park  
March 25 Redcliffe 20-16 Townsville Dolphin Oval
March 25 Western Mustangs 22-6 Norths Devils Gold Park
March 26 Easts Tigers 18-19 Northern Pride Suzuki Stadium

Tweed Heads Seagulls – BYE


Top Pointscorers Top Goalkickers Top Tryscorers
40 Bayley Gill (Tweed Heads) 18 Bayley Gill (Tweed Heads) 4 Edward Burns (Wynnum Manly)
38 Reece Braun (Redcliffe) 17 Reece Braun (Redcliffe) 4 Joseph Curran (Sunshine Coast)
34 Oscar Carter (Townsville) 15 Oscar Carter (Townsville) 4 Corban Daniels (Redcliffe)
30 Sheldon Smith (Wynnum Manly) 15 Sheldon Smith (Wynnum Manly) 4 Marshall Hudson (Townsville)
22 William Sila (Victoria RL) 10 Jacob Bourke (Mackay) 4 Jared Maguire (Mackay)
22 Zakaria Taibi (Easts Tigers) 10 Jack Campagnolo (Northern Pride) 4 Brenton Pinkerton (Redcliffe)
21 Jack Campagnolo (Northern Pride) 9 Zakaria Taibi (Easts Tigers) 4 Jacob Schill (Mackay)
20 Jacob Bourke (Mackay) 8 Braydon Trindall (Sunshine Coast) 4 Jacob Wallace (Northern Pride)
20 Braydon Trindall (Sunshine Coast) 7 Adrian Elder (Ipswich) 3 Carter Auld (Ipswich)
16 Edward Burns (Wynnum Manly) 6 Wally Pegler (Western Mustangs) 3 Luke Burton (Souths Logan)

Mal Meninga Cup – Round 4
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March 25 Victoria RL   34-14 CQ Capras   Casey Fields  
March 25 Wynnum Manly  22-30 Mackay  BMD Kougari 
March 25 Ipswich  16-24 Sunshine Coast  North Ipswich 
March 25 Burleigh 37-14 Souths Logan  Pizzey Park 
March 25 Redcliffe 16-28 Townsville Dolphin Oval
March 26 Easts Tigers 34-14 Northern Pride Suzuki Stadium
March 26 Central Crows 6-68 Norths Devils Jack Manski Oval

Tweed Heads Seagulls, Western Mustangs – BYE


Top Pointscorers Top Goalkickers Top Tryscorers
46 Caleb Sinn (Mackay) 18 Tanah Boyd (Souths Logan) 6 Dejzha Pene (Norths Devils)
44 Callum Boomer (Burleigh) 17 Tyson Curtis (CQ Capras) 5 Ryan Schill (Mackay)
40 Tanah Boyd (Souths Logan) 17 Caleb Sinn (Mackay) 5 Sagalimu Vaitai (Ipswich)
38 Tyson Curtis (CQ Capras) 14 Callum Boomer (Burleigh) 5 Eliott Vincent (Easts Tigers)
30 Dejzha Pene (Norths Devils) 10 Cade-Michael Patrick (Northern Pride) 4 Callum Boomer (Burleigh)
28 Cade-Michael Patrick (Northern Pride) 9 Adam Cook (Townsville) 4 Herbie Farnworth (Norths Devils)
26 Herbie Farnworth (Norths Devils) 9 Cory Paix (Western Mustangs) 4 David Fifita (Souths Logan)
22 Adam Cook (Townsville) 8 Tyson Smoothy (Redcliffe) 4 Tausaga Foa’i (Ipswich0
22 Cory Paix (Western Mustangs) 7 David Quinlin (Wynnum Manly) 4 Thane Kellermeyer (Souths Logan)
20 Ryan Schill (Mackay) 7 Jacob Reedy-Bartlett (Victoria RL) 4 Noah Lolesio (Tweed Heads)

SEQ U16 Pre-Season Competition – Round 4
Brisbane Grey 46 (Harrison Graham 2, Jackson Lombe 2, Gracen Sproule, Luke Nielsen, Tristan Powell, Ethan Ticehurst tries; Lucas Bell 7 goals) defBrisbane Blue 6 (Harrison Ritter try; Johnathon Jeynes goal) at Emerson Park.

Ipswich 42 (Broden Ingram 2, Liam Wernowski, Segisolo Lapana, Jack Martin, Bradley Zampech, Richard Ioane, Romeo Tanielu tries; Fa’ata’ape Timai 2, Bradley Zampech 2, Nathan Stephenson 1 goals) def. Gold Coast Green 6 (Carsil Vaikai try; Nelson Grove goal) at Emerson Park.

Brisbane Red 30 (Ezra Coulston 2, Fanitesi Niu, Vahai Finau, Tyler Han, Lance Bagon tries; Ezra Coulston 3 goals) defGold Coast White 18 (Andrae Semu, Cole Geter, Matthew Canning tries; Toby Sexton, Ryan Garner 2 goals) at Emerson Park.



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