NYCDB Team of the Week – Round 12

Chanel Harris-Tavita (Photo: Renee McKay/Photosport NZ)

Only eight teams in action during a bye interrupted Round 12 but plenty of eye catching performances throughout the round that feature in our Team of the Week.

1 Beau Cordtz (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
2 tries, 195m, 2 line breaks, 5 tackles, 12 tackle breaks
2 Sione Katoa (Cronulla Sharks)
1 try, 181m, 3 line breaks, 2 offloads, 12 tackle breaks
3 Melino Fineanganofo (Warriors)
168m, 1 line break, 1 try assist, 5 tackles, 6 tackle breaks
4 Sebastian Kris (Canberra Raiders)
1 try, 149m, 1 line break
5 Josh Tuilagi (Cronulla Sharks)
2 tries, 186m, 2 line breaks, 2 tackles, 9 tackle breaks
6 Adam Doueihi (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
1 try, 43m, 1 line break, 3 try assists, 18 tackles, 3 tackle breaks, 1 line break assist, 436 kick metres
7 Chanel Harris-Tavita (Warriors)
2 tries, 111m, 3 line breaks, 1 offload, 14 tackles, 3 tackle breaks, 1 line break assist, 269 kick metres
8 Matthew Scott (Canberra Raiders)
203m, 25 tackles, 2 offloads
9 Jarred Tuite (Canberra Raiders)
62m, 1 line break, 26 tackles, 1 try assist, 36 tackles, 1 line break assist
10 Brock Ilett (Cronulla Sharks)
153m, 19 tackles, 5 tackle breaks
11 Keaon Koloamatangi (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
155m, 1 offload, 20 tackles, 2 tackle breaks
12 Tony Matautia (Cronulla Sharks)
116m, 1 offload, 17 tackles, 5 tackle breaks
13 Chris Sio (Warriors)
1 try, 175m, 1 line break, 2 offloads, 34 tackles, 3 tackle breaks

14 Lachlan Cooper (Canberra Raiders)
48m, 2 try assists, 1 line break, 19 tackles, 201 kick metres
15 Kenese Kenese (Warriors)
149m, 1 offload, 14 tackles, 1 tackle break, 1 line break assist
16 Sam Johnstone (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
148m, 30 tackles, 2 tackle breaks
17 Reed Mahoney (Parramatta Eels)
1 try, 60m, 1 line break, 2 try assists, 1 offload, 58 tackles, 4 tackle breaks, 3 line break assists

Player of the Week
Chanel Harris-Tavita (Warriors)
It took 12 rounds but the Junior Warriors finally picked up their first win of 2017 and halfback Chanel Harris-Tavita had a lot to do with it. Despite being one of the youngest players in the NYC, Harris-Tavita has been leading his young side around well this year for not much success until last Saturday. The Junior Kiwi scored two tries, ran for 111 metres, made three line breaks, broke three tackles and kicked for 269 metres in his side’s victory.

Rookie of the Week
Adam Doueihi (South Sydney Rabbitohs)
A new recruit to the Bunnies in 2017, Doueihi has been making every game count in a bright season so far. The Strathfield and Dundas junior scored a try, set up three more and kicked for a whopping 436 metres in his side’s win over the Eels last Friday night. Since debuting for Souths earlier this year, Doueihi’s already been elevated to the NSW Cup and represented Lebanon.



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